Fine Sculpture

About Donna Jean Mayne

Artist Biography


Much of Donna's art career 

was spent as an Art Director leading  teams of artists in the planning, creation and installation of a series of large scale public art projects comprising of more than 40 mural sites. All were site-specific; delivered on time and under budget.

Accordingly, Donna is comfortable in collaborative environments that involve various levels of government, 

as well as local business groups 

and private collectors.

Donna's classical training made the 

transition from muralist to sculpting an exhilarating one. 

She began her new enterprise, 

"Fine Sculpture," in 2013 and began exhibiting  in international competitions in 2015 with her first two pieces being awarded.

My Medium


Initially, my sculptural work is made in oil-based clays  and later cast in bronze

using the time-honoured

lost-wax method.

Donna's Inspiration


Donna's contemplative works embody tranquility and romance, favouring the exquisite grace of the human form reminiscent of the Neo-Classical era.

Donna finds great joy in creating  

lasting tributes to those who have made a positive difference in the lives of others.

Her first series of sculptures, 

“Dono Dell’Acqua,” or "Gift of Water," 

grew out of volunteer work she did as a safe-water advocate. 
Each figure performs the simple act of testing the water with outstretched fingers or toes. They commemorate those who act as stewards of this most precious resource.